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How does Pasa Trade work?

We go through a number of steps to ensure that what you buy through us is of high quality, ensuring that you and our co-operative clients are both happy.

Find an awesome co-operative

This is probably the most difficult thing. We are always on the lookout for amazing co-operatives in Nepal who are making great products, have an awesome mission statement and are helping people. Once we explain our mission statement of creating employment in Nepal, ensuring that they get a fair deal and that their products will be in the hands of appreciative customers around the world then they jump on board.

That said, we don’t just select anyone. We select ethical organisations who are making a difference locally. We don’t work with large organisations on purpose, they already have the resources and funding available to sell directly and frankly don’t need our assistance. We need to trust the people we work with because we want you to believe in us and trust our mission.

Build a great platform

We’re a team of engineers, scientists and developers. This is our bread and butter, we do this every day for clients of ours but we’ve really put our heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into Pasa Trade. You can’t buy something like Pasa Trade off the shelf or online. We’ve had to custom build Pasa line by line, it’s taken us a very long time to build something that works but we’re finally proud to show off what we’ve accomplished.

We want you to trust us, we want you to believe in us. We believe that technology is a great enabler and that lives of people around the world will be dramatically improved through Pasa Trade. Imagine that the people who put their hard work into a product get ripped off through unscrupulous middlemen every chance they get. Our goal is to ensure that each of our partners get paid much more than ever before. They can become empowered, send their kids to school and break the cycle of poverty that they and generations before them have faced.

Above all we’re a technology company. We work with really cool technologies that are meaningless to many but represent cutting edge technology to others. While ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, the blockchain and automated testing are the nuts and bolts of Pasa Trade, our employees, partners and customers are its beating heart.

We use transparent tools like the blockchain to provide utmost transparency that your cash gets to those who need it the most. Our bean counters can audit and vet every cent in and out to ensure that your payments are in great hands. We’ll discuss this in much more detail in the near future.

Trust and accountability

Even if the product you have ordered is coming from a mountain top in the mountainous regions of Nepal you can trust in us to make sure that the things you love make it straight to your doorstep no matter where you are. Even if we have to climb the mountain ourselves to get the shipment it’ll reach you. Before we even send the product we verify that the beautiful, handmade item has been made to perfection; we’ll take a picture of each item on our tabletop and send it straight to you. We provide tracking numbers so that you can watch the shipment travel around the globe.

Once you’ve received the delivery we ask that you rate each of the products so that we can provide accurate feedback to our co-operatives and to our future customers. This part is so important, many are so afraid to order from developing countries for fear of being ripped off, so please complete the reviews we send out, we’ll keep bugging you otherwise.

And that’s the whole premise. We ensure that every cent you give is appropriately distributed and in return you receive an awesome product that can become a family heirloom for generations to come.

As we grow our platform we aim to maintain the highest standards in trust and quality, we hope you keep buying through Pasa Trade so that we can spread ‘fairer trade’ throughout the world.

Please make sure to spread the word about what we're accomplishing in Nepal. Pasa Trade relies on the generosity and spirit of awesome people to give deserving co-operatives a fair go in life. Tell your family, tell your friends, we need your support.

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Published by Jonathan Clarke on 2017-02-13 09:00:00 UTC