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Drawing straws

Rajesh has been drawing straw art and used a new approach to make it look finer

Rajesh Maharjan is a local of Kathmandu. He has been working as a camera-man for a local television station but his interest has always been arts. Since his childhood, he was interested in arts and crafts. While everyone’s main focus was on studies and exams, he was quite intrigued by the art that he saw. He was especially interested in straw art as it was eco-friendly and didn’t cost him much to experiment on. While he was growing up he had seen people make straw-art but only in the traditional way. He wanted to make something new out of the straw art and he tried different techniques as he wanted something new in his life. He came up with something that no one has come up till date. He came up with a mixture of painting and straw art. This form of straw art he learnt it by himself and has perfected it.

Growing up in a Hindu and a Buddhist influenced society. His art has an influence of both the religion. He as portrayed his experience of both of these religions on his art. Working as a camera-man for a television which was mainly focused on Buddhism has had a great influence on his art as well. In his straw painting, you can see the influence of the society he has grown up and also the minor details that he has shown in his art. He is very keen to have come on board with Pasatrade as he is hopeful that people in Nepal and all over the world can see his efforts and skills.

Published by Sudeep Sayami on 2018-09-03 11:11:00 UTC