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Empowering women by partnering with local women

Empowering women with the skills they can use and helping them make use of the skills set they recently learnt.

Meena Gurung comes from Ramechhap district, due to the poor economic condition she had to start work at an early age of sixteen. She had to face a lot of difficulties when she started, some of the difficulties that she faced were not being paid on time and lack of a market to sell the goods that were produced. Now the things have changed, she has been with Manushi for more than 26 years. She is a supervisor in the Tie-Dye department and has got a lot of training.

Ganga Maharjan is from Kathmandu, she knew sewing when she was young. She lives with her husband and a 20-year-old son. She used to feel that she couldn’t speak in front of the mass and with strangers. After joining Manushi she has attended multiple training sessions where she has been able to develop herself and her skills as a craftsman. Now she has the confidence to talk to diverse and large groups of people. Working fro Manushi for more than 12 years has helped her not only to build her confidence but also financially. She is no longer financially dependent on her family.

Hira Pradhan is 40 years old and is currently living at Jadibuti, Kathmandu. She is originally from Bhojpur. She has been living at Jadibuti for 15 years with her husband and a son. She used to be a housewife before joining at Manushi. She had no source of income and used to depend upon her husband for money. She joined Manushi 10 years ago, she even didn't know the way of handling the sewing needles before. Gradually, she starting learning about tying technique, different handworks like embroideries, patchworks, appliques and other hand stitches. She now works in the handwork section and tying department. She is a different version of woman today, who earns by herself and supports her family. Manushi feels glad that the products made by her hands who were unaware of the proper handling of sewing needles are now exported to different markets all around the world.

These are some the women out of many more, that have been benefited from Manushi’s effort to empower local women. Manushi has been continuously serving the marginalised, indigenous, producers and supported the poorest women in the area of operation with its microfinance services and other development programs.

Published by Sudeep Sayami on 2018-09-03 11:14:00 UTC