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Lightning the festival of Lights

Sita Tamang has gone through the hardships in her life and come up with a way to light up the darkness in other people's lives.

Tihar is the second biggest festival for people of Nepal. This is the festival that comes just after the biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain. Tihar is also known as the festival of lights. During this 5 day festival, there are a lot of makeshift businesses that are there just catered for this festival and one of the number one selling product is Candle. As soon as the Dashain festival starts the candle making business starts. This is also the season where Sita Tamang is most busy. This is a time when she has to work most hard and produce enough candles for the demand she gets. She not only makes the candles by herself but also uses natural essential oil to make your house smell nice during this very important festival. These particular candles are made with love and a lot of effort. Lighten up your home with the love and care from Sita Tamang.

Sita Tamang migrated to Kathmandu from Rolpa to escape from the clutches of poverty, and in the search for better opportunities. She had been educated only till 7th grade so to earn a living she first learned how to make necklaces by working at a jewellery handicraft centre. Later, sensing the potential in candles, she made a livelihood by making candles along with three other women who were trained by Business Support Centre (BSC). The candles she crafted were sold in a local market on weekends. Sita then started her own company with an initial investment of NPR. 5000/- She has trained many women on how to make candles and she enjoys sharing her skills. The women who have learnt the skill from her have gone to establish a small business like hers.

She has done a lot of offline sales through different vendors, shopfronts and stalls but now she is excited and wants to see how can an e-commerce website like ours will bring her business. Hopes of getting online orders from our platform has made her want to better her product even more. She jokingly says that she goes on to our platform and checks for orders on a daily basis. Buying candles from her not only support her but also supports her effort to train more women who come to her to learn the skill.

Published by Sudeep Sayami on 2018-11-05 12:12:00 UTC