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4 sustainable gifts to give during this New Year

Sustainable gifts to your loved ones for this new year

Every new year people come up with a list of resolutions to change their lives for the better. Some try to quit smoking, Some try to go on a diet to improve their health, some will try to exercise more, drink more water, etc. These are small changes that people want to make to make their lives a little bit better. Some try and fail to do so, some try hard for the first few days of every new year and discontinue. They forget once they are used to the same day in day out the schedule. Some of the people who are passionate to change their lives they will try hard and will continue to make the changes they had promised themselves. These are the people who strive to make their lives better, who are always looking out to change themselves for the better self. These particular type of people are conscious ones. One that is susceptible to minor changes in their surroundings and making adjustments accordingly.

This new year take your new year’s resolution to the next level by doing something for the local handicraft producers from Nepal. Gifts your loved one's products from Nepal, that was made with care and love. Make a conscious decision of creating a change in someone else’s life where they can create changes for a better life for themselves and their families. Here we have chosen four products that we think will be good gifts for your loved ones.

1. Baby crib toy :

2. Bracelet from Maya Academy :

3. Tote bag :

4. Body Scrub :

Published by Sudeep Sayami on 2018-12-05 10:10:00 UTC