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Felt that felt really good

Feel-Good products that have a good and happy work environment.

When I went to meet the manager at Upahar Collection for the details of the organisation. I had the chance to look at the factory as well. The manager Shanti Shrestha showed me around and I could see there were only women workers there and while going through each and every process of making the felt product I got to talk to most of them.

Some of the women were shy, some were teasing me as I was the only male there at that moment. All the women were very pleased to see me and I asked them many questions regarding how come they came to work there, how it has helped them by working them. Some of the women said they had been with this company for more than 10 years and they are very comfortable there. Some of the women had left the organisation and then again came back as they couldn’t find a friendlier environment at other workplaces.

From the moment I was at their workplace, I felt that that it was a place where people shared joy, laughter and also sorrow. The women here were happy not just earning a living but earning friends and living a happy life. The reason for some of the women to come to work here was to earn a living but for most of the reason to come there to work is a reason to connect to other women and share their sorrow and joy. I got a feeling of being in a good environment when I was there. I felt that the Felt products that were produced there were feel-good products as it was produced in a happy environment.

Published by Sudeep Sayami on 2019-01-01 10:00:00 UTC