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Entrepreneurship for Education

Handmade with love and compassion to give you positive vibes all the way from rural part of Nepal.

Maya translates “Love” in Nepali. Maya Universe Academy was established by Manjil Rana after he felt that aid given will not change the society but education will. For this free private school to run it came up with a business model where the parents of the students who study there put in 2 days of work in a month to make crafts, then sell these lovely crafts made with the help of designers who help from all over the world. The money collected from the sale of the crafts is used for the operation of the free school.

The craftsperson for the crafts produced here are the parents of the students that are being educated at the Maya universe academy. This is an example of a group of people trying to create a society which is trying to show that money doesn’t operate humans. Money is just a tool for trading, not a tool to control them.

Published by Sudeep Sayami on 2019-01-30 10:10:00 UTC