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A5 Dhaka Notebook

The cover of this notebook gives the feel of the traditional attire of a typical Nepali person. This pattern of cloth represents Nepal and its people. Men and Women of Nepal have been using this patterned cloths for making hats, blouses, money purses and now it is used for making a cover for this notebook.

Each Beach - Bracelet

Each Beach Bracelet resonates with the long summer sandy beach days with its ivory threads holding the blue stones and clear rock crystals. It is adorned with the Maya emblem, which translates to love in Nepalese.

Pastel Saari Kimono

Fashion Never Felt So Good !!

Handmade Photo Frame (Black)

Hang this paper frame to promote and support renewable products to be used on a daily basis to help protect our mother Earth.

Nepali Gheri Tote Bag

Purple is everybodys color

Yellow & Black Flower Print Bow Tie

Black and Yellow is the perfect combination for any attire.

Orange & Grey Flower Print Bow Tie

This particular combination of colors have made this bow tie a unique piece of art to flaunt in a party.

Cotton Tie Dye Pareo - Pink

Pareo is any piece of cloth worn or wrapped around the body, by males or females

String Pocket Notebook

Help save the trees while scribbling your thoughts on this cool recycled notebook.

GARUDA- Straw Art


Nuga: Body Scrub - "Energizing Coffee"

Energize your body with the essence of coffee

Red & Golden Glass Beads earring

Made by the woman of Burn Survivors Team Nepal.

Cotton Tie Dye Pareo -Grey

Pareo is any piece of cloth worn or wrapped around the body, by males or females.


Amethyst, known as the Bishop's Stone, represents royalty and spirituality, and is a crystal of creativity. It is matched with clear quartz, the master healer, and rose quartz, promotes compassion, appreciation and soothing calm.

Red Dhaka Sling Bag

A bag with a story behind it.