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100% Heavy Cotton Shoulder Bag

Nepali weaves, woven by the traditional Dhaka hand weaving process are some of the most distinctive in the world. Each of the traditional Nepali designs in the weave is inlaid entirely by hand using mercerized cotton.

Multi Colour Glass Bead earring

Hand made by the women of Burn Survivors Team Nepal

Multi-Coloured Nepali Dhaka Square Cushion Cover

A cushion cover that brings life not only to your room but also someone from Nepal.


Amethyst, known as the Bishop's Stone, represents royalty and spirituality, and is a crystal of creativity. It is matched with clear quartz, the master healer, and rose quartz, promotes compassion, appreciation and soothing calm.

Black Tie Dye Cushion Cover

Bring the interesting and intriguing art of tie-dye into your home.

Handmade Photo Frame ( Brown/Foam)

Keep this frame with your favorite picture on your bedside table or on your worktable to remind you of your loved ones or a sweet memory.

Handmade Paper Pencil

Use these upcycled pencils and save the environment.

Pomegranate - Bracelet

Bring in positive vibes from the orange and green quartz bracelet.

Indigo Tie Dye Cover Note Book

This Note book is made from natural materials and is Eco-friendly.

Handmade Newspaper Pencil

Use these upcycled pencils and save the environment.

Yellow Floral Saari Kimono

Fashion Never Felt So Good !!

Notebook Pocket

Help save the trees while scribbling your thoughts on this cool recycled notebook.

Multi-color sling bag

Can't choose a color, with this bag you don't have to