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A5 Notebook with pencil

This note comes with a recycled pencil that has been handcrafted by the skilled people of Jamarko.

Handmade Photo Frame (Blue/Foam)

Keep this frame with your favorite picture on your bedside table or on your worktable to remind you of your loved ones or a sweet memory.

Scented Glass Candle

Light up some scented candle to lighten up your mood.

A5 Doodle Swayambhu Notebook

Art of the local doodle artist and recycled paper. Support local products and talents.

Red Nepali Tote bag

Turn heads with this red tote bag

Grey Square Nepali Dhaka Cushion Cover

A cushion cover that brings life not only to your room but also someone from Nepal.

100% Cotton Table Runner

Nepali weaves, woven by the traditional Dhaka hand weaving process are some of the most distinctive in the world. Each of the traditional Nepali designs in the weave is inlaid entirely by hand using mercerized cotton.

Multi-color sling bag

Can't choose a color, with this bag you don't have to


Sunstone is a leadership stone and gemstone of optimism and good will.

A6 Bamboo Notebook

This notebook will help you remember things at the same time you are helping save trees.

Light Brown Tie Dye Cushion Cover

Bring the interesting and intriguing art of tie-dye into your home.

Woollen Felt Daisy Flower

Decorate your house with these lovely cozy flowers without worrying to water them or changing them.

Tie-Dye Shoulder Bag - Black

Hand-woven pure cotton hand bag that has been produced by the local women of Bhaktapur. .

Handmade Photo Frame (Black/Flower)

Keep a reminder of your loved ones on your bedside table or on your workstation enclosed in this lovely photo frame and at the same time help save the planet.


Red onyx is connected to the first chakra - Muladhara connecting us with the Earth. In the metaphysical world, Clear Quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Even the smallest is imbued with the properties of a master healer teacher.

Orange Green Flower Print Bow Tie

The orange and green is an awesome combination of colors.