Who hand-made this?

Sashikala Pyakurel from Kathmandu, Nepal

First, when I came to Kathmandu I was quite scared you know and walking alone is what scared me the most. But after a while staying here, learning all the techniques and qualities of a good tailor it has been a boon for me. I’ve felt more secure, happier and more confident in what I do. I’m really thankful for this opportunity that has been provided for me. My father is the head of my family but he’s concerns are less to our family, this had been a problem since the beginning. The past years had been very difficult for us but since I’ve started earning for myself and my family it has become a greater experience for all. Being able to stand on my own feet is one of the experience I thought would never come across my path but it did and I’m very glad that there is a small contribution from me for my family.

Green Bucket Bag

Need an everyday bag? Look no further

$ 30.00 USD

Skillfully stitched with passion and hard-work, a versatile bag made from Nepali woven Gheri fabric. The blend of colorful strips with a very spacious interior! The beauty of this bag is that it is perfect match for any day-out occasion!

40.0 x 44.0 x 43.5

420.0 g

3 left

5.0 hours

About Danfe

In response to the recent earthquake in Nepal in 2015, SAATH has started a livelihood and entrepreneurship program.

The program enrolls girls who have been affected by the earthquake. We provide employment opportunity to them to make them more independent as well as secure their livelihood. We have been providing them a platform to enhance their tailoring skills. The produced goods will be sold at local and international market to raise fund to support the education of children who have been affected by the earthquake.


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