Who hand-made this?

Anju Tamang from Ramechhap, Nepal

Anju is from the Ramechhap district located south of Kathmandu. After she finished her ninth year in school, Anju moved to Kathmandu to do six months of tailoring training at UCEP (Underprivileged Children’s Educational Program). She likes traveling and exploring new places. Growing while learning new things. She dislikes violence against women. She has studied till 9th grade and wants to open her own tailoring shop and be proud her work.

Pastel Saari Kimono

Fashion Never Felt So Good !!

$ 30.00 USD

The soothing looking pastel color of this free size kimono is made from an upcycled saari.

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2.0 hours

About Hatti Hatti

Women in Nepal have a special relationship with their ‘saari’, which can be compared to a ball gown. Most women own several of these and every single one reflects a special memory.

The saari is often only used once, for one event and after they are hung up and displaced in wardrobe, never to be used again.

We think this is a real shame, that something so beautiful and special is no longer able to be enjoyed by other people and is almost forgotten. We want in some way, to preserve these memories and special dresses, by creating something new and useful from them.

With the help of women in marginalized communities, without education and profession, we recycle donated saari’s into beautiful kimonos, bowties, neckties, dresses. These beautiful fabrics and memories will be interwoven and shown in a new life. Our vision is to create work opportunities for these women with an end result of a product they will feel proud of creating.




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