Panu Thapa

I come from Syanjah, Nepal.

Panu Thapa, initially came to Kathmandu from Syanjha to see how this city looks like then she settled down and started to work here as she wanted to start something productive and also to earn money. She has been working here for the past 12 years and really likes the stability that it has created for her. While working here she has enhanced her skills and also developed the self-confidence. She feels very comfortable working here as most of the staff here are female and she enjoys the environment as she feels very safe.

I made these by myself

Handmade Paper Pencil

Use these upcycled pencils and save the environment.

Handmade Photo Frame ( Brown/Foam)

Keep this frame with your favorite picture on your bedside table or on your worktable to remind you of your loved ones or a sweet memory.

Handmade Photo Frame(White/Flower)

Keep a reminder of your loved ones on your bedside table or on your workstation enclosed in this lovely photo frame and at the same time help save the planet.

Handmade Photo Frame (Black)

Hang this paper frame to promote and support renewable products to be used on a daily basis to help protect our mother Earth.