Uma Tamang

I come from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Uma Tamang lives nearby to Jamarko’s workshop. Initially, she started working here as she wanted to kill time but gradually she was more convinced by the benefits of the recycling of paper does to the environment and she is proud to be part of the impact it is making. She like working here as they are flexible when she is in need and understands her problems.

I made these by myself

Handmade Paper Pencil

Use these upcycled pencils and save the environment.

Handmade Photo Frame (Blue/Foam)

Keep this frame with your favorite picture on your bedside table or on your worktable to remind you of your loved ones or a sweet memory.

Handmade Photo Frame (White)

Keep a reminder of your loved ones on your bedside table or on your workstation enclosed in this lovely photo frame and at the same time help save the planet.

String Pocket Notebook

Help save the trees while scribbling your thoughts on this cool recycled notebook.