Who hand-made this?

Meena Gurung from Ramechhap, Nepal

Meena Gurung who is now 43, has been working with Manushi for last 26 years. She lost her father at a very small age and her mother eloped with other man leaving her alone. She was brought to Kathmandu by her maternal uncle. She was able to study until grade 5 due to her economic condition. She joined Manushi at the age of sixteen. At that time, she knew nothing about crafts. Slowly, she started learning about crafts, skills in chemical & natural dyeing-tying technique. Her desperation for learning has become a work of pleasure. She is now Dyeing supervisor at dyeing department. Today, products made by skills of Meena is exported to different international market. Manushi is glad to have supported hard working women like Meena Gurung.

Who hand-made this?

Hira Pradhan from Bhojpur, Nepal

Hira Pradhan is 40 years old and is currently living at Jadibuti. She is originally from Bhojpur. She has been living at Bhaktapur for 15 years with her husband and a son. She used to be a housewife before joining at Manushi. She had no source of income and used to depend upon her husband for money. She joined Manushi 10 years ago, she even didn't know the way of handling the sewing needles before. Gradually, she starting learning about tying technique, different handworks like embroideries, patchworks, appliques and other hand stitches. She now works in the handwork section and tying department. She is a different version of woman today, who earns by herself and supports her family. Manushi feels glad that the products made by those hands who were unaware of the proper handling of sewing needles are now exported to a different market.

Indigo Tie Dye Cover Note Book

This Note book is made from natural materials and is Eco-friendly.

$ 9.00 USD

This indigo Tie-dyed notebook has 45 pages. The cover of the notebook is 100% Cotton Woven by handloom. We have assembled industrial papers on these notebooks so that writing on them is easy. We also have its variation with assembling of Lokta papers on it.

15.0 x 21.0 x 0.0

200.0 g

5 left

1.0 hours

About Manushi Pvt Ltd

Manushi is a Fair Trade Organization that follows a social business platform grounded in the objective of improving the economic conditions of poor, disadvantaged and marginalized producers, primarily women, through sustainable development.

A non-profit organization initially established in 1991 to promote traditional Nepali arts and crafts, Manushi has grown into a Fair Trade leader through the diversification of its activities, incorporating management and skill training with entrepreneurship development and micro-financing.

A founding member of Fair Trade Group Nepal, Manushi is dedicated to the Charter of Fair Trade Principles, creating opportunities, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, building capacity & minimizing our environmental footprint while always remaining transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.


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