Who hand-made this?

MUNA MAGAR from Dang, Nepal

25 years old Muna Magar comes from Salyan, a hilly region located in the mid-western part of Nepal. She had an accident during her childhood and came to Kathmandu for the treatment. Now she has been staying with her sister in Kathmandu and makes products fro BSTN in Kathmandu.

Red & Golden Glass Beads earring

Made by the woman of Burn Survivors Team Nepal.

$ 7.00 USD

This Earring was made entirely by hand with brick stitch weaving technique in shades of gold and red by the women of Burn Survivors Team Nepal. Glass beads, wire and thread are used to make this earring.

2.5 x 8.0 x 0.0

5.0 g

5 left

4.0 hours

About Radha ko burn survivor

Radhako Burn Survivors' Team Nepal aims to create an equitable and violence-free society for burn survivors. Through their many creative projects, the team is on the path of independence and self-development, proving that it's up to you to overcome the days filled with sorrow and hold your head up high and smile again. This group has been able to provide a platform for burn survivors to resume a normal life.


Radhako Burn Survivors' Team produces candles, handicrafts, a variety of handmade jewellery that are sold in small markets in Nepal.


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