Rekha Danwar

I come from Kathmandu, Nepal.

I come from Sindhuli district and I have 7 family members. My father used to look after us, but after the earthquake, it was hard for us to feed ourselves. Since I have started working it has become much easier for my family financially. I make sure my brother gets the right education and my family has enough food to eat every day. I really love working here, now I’ve started grasping more knowledge and techniques of tailoring. I enjoy stitching clothes, and I have improved a lot since the starting phase. It’s not just stitching but what I have learned so far from all the people who surrounds me. SAATH has given me an opportunity to stand on my feet and I know it’s just the beginning but I have become a lot more confident than I was before.

I made these by myself

Green Bucket with Pocket Bag

Need extra pockets? This is the bag for you.

Yellow lining-Bucket-Bag

Need an everyday bag? Look no further

Nepali Pink Sling Bag

Versatile sling bag made from Nepali woven Gheri fabric