Who hand-made this?

Anita Kushwar (Tamang) from Sarlahi, Nepal

Anita Kushwar (Tamang) is an extrovert in the group, who likes to talk to everyone and express her feelings. The only time you will see her not talking is while she is sleeping. She was born into a family of farmers from Sarlahi district. She has six other siblings and making ends meet for her family was not easy. She grew up in scarcity, her parents couldn’t provide her proper education so she had to give up the school at an early age. In the rural conservative society, girls are regarded as a burden and she too felt that she had to get married at an early age so agreed to get married when she was 18. Now she lives with her husband in a rented room in the outskirts of Kathmandu, they both work hard to make ends meet but due to Anita’s health they have to spend their savings on her regular check-ups because she had heart surgery when she was young.


The elegance and the style of this necklace will amplify your persona.

$ 35.00 USD

This handmade necklace is made up of black beads and brass chain. This design is inspired by the Boho style. Any casual outfit will go along with this amazing necklace.

0.0 x 33.0 x 0.0

22.0 g

3 left

3.0 hours

About Higher Ground Crafts

Higher Ground Crafts is a social enterprise established with a vision to rescue ‘at-risk’ women and youth who are economically marginalized, vulnerable, and prone to trafficking. We do this by providing redemptive employment opportunities, and marketable skills through our non-profit wing, Higher Ground Community Development Nepal.

Higher Ground Crafts, being self-sustaining through its business operation, pours out its financial resources to our non-profit wing. Through this non-profit, we advocate for individuals, promote awareness of human rights issues, and give training about health, parenting and life skills. We also provide scholarships for at-risk youth, counseling for abuse, trafficking, and trauma victims. We also have a safe home for women and families struggling with being widowed, transitioning and of abusive or vulnerable situations.


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The elegance and the style of this necklace will amplify your persona.

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