Bishnu Kumari Lhayo

I come from , Nepal.

Bishnu Kumari Lhayo might seem like an introvert but when she gets cracking she makes the whole crowd burst out into laughter, making her the funniest lady in the organization. She is from the eastern part of Nepal. Her husband left her so she decided to come to Kathmandu for better opportunities for herself and her daughter. She left her daughter with her mother so that she can look for jobs abroad, but hearing stories about other women who got abused, she decided to not go abroad. She got in touch with Higher Ground through an organization which works for women empowerment. She is now under protection and Care Program here at Higher Ground. She is happy that she can now earn a living for herself and her daughter. She stills wonders what would have happened if she had gone abroad for employment if she would have got into the wrong hands.

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