Durga Maharjan

I come from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Durga Maharjan, age 38 has been working with us for more than seven years. She loves to dance and play badminton. With a calm face and smile, she enjoys working with other women. "I was surprised and felt loved when I received a blanket as a Christmas gift in the first year at Higher Ground. Usually, no one would give gifts when you are still new at work", she says. Durga was a single mother of a twelve-year-old daughter when she first came here. Her husband had left them but her mother-in-law blamed her for his disappearance and abused her. Their financial condition was tough and she was struggling to provide for the two of them. After hearing about Higher Ground through a relative, she started to work with us. Her daughter has finished high school and joined BBS. Durga is now able to provide for her family of two brave women.

I made these by myself


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