Handmade Newspaper Pencil

Use these upcycled pencils and save the environment.

$ 2.00 USD

These natural pencils have been upcycled using newspapers. You can easily sharpen it with regular sharper and write. It is eco-friendly, user-friendly, durable and very cheap. Start using these handmade pencils, you will love it.

0.0 x 17.5 x 0.0

0.5 g

500 left

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About Jamarko

Jamarko Nepal is a small cottage industry established in 2001 A.D. to contribute towards creating a safe and sound environment as well as a means to provide employment to the underprivileged people in Nepal.

Our aim is to provide an environmentally and economically sound alternative to traditional practices that are often very polluting. We produce and promote the use of recycled paper and products, and in the process, we recycle up to 20 tons of waste paper every year (each ton of fresh paper requires 17 trees to be cut down). We also reuse the newspaper to produce bags for Eco-friendly purposes.


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Handmade Paper Pencil

Use these upcycled pencils and save the environment.