Who hand-made this?

Ganga Maharjan from Kathmandu, Nepal

Ganga Maharjan has been working at Manushi for last 12 years. she lives in a joint family with her husband and 20 -years old son.Before joining Manushi, she had some sewing skills, later she joined Manushi as a trainee and further developed her skills. She now works in the sewing department. She remembers those days when she used to hesitate to talk among mass but now she has enough confidence to talk and put her opinion to mass. She is no longer financially dependent on her family now. She is happy, working woman and she enjoys her work.

Tie-Dye Shoulder Bag - Black

Hand-woven pure cotton hand bag that has been produced by the local women of Bhaktapur. .

$ 29.00 USD

This is a tie-dyed shoulder bag, a fashion accessory that is adaptable to any of your clothing trends. The fabric used in this bag is medium cotton and heavy cotton woven by hand that cultivates a relationship with sustainable weavers (our women producer group)from Bhaktapur. This bag is tied and dyed in floral design also has hand embroideries as surface ornamentation. This accessory adds elegance with durability and uniqueness with patterns, textures.

37.0 x 31.0 x 12.0

700.0 g

5 left

4.0 hours

About Manushi Pvt Ltd

Manushi is a Fair Trade Organization that follows a social business platform grounded in the objective of improving the economic conditions of poor, disadvantaged and marginalized producers, primarily women, through sustainable development.

A non-profit organization initially established in 1991 to promote traditional Nepali arts and crafts, Manushi has grown into a Fair Trade leader through the diversification of its activities, incorporating management and skill training with entrepreneurship development and micro-financing.

A founding member of Fair Trade Group Nepal, Manushi is dedicated to the Charter of Fair Trade Principles, creating opportunities, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, building capacity & minimizing our environmental footprint while always remaining transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.


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