Bishna Pradhan

I come from Morang, Nepal.

Bishna Pradhan is 36 year who was treated in Pokhara and the team in New SADLE asked her if she would be interested in getting training in Kathmandu and work for New SADLE and it has been 18 years since she has started working here. She found the love of her life here in New SADLE got married and they have 2 children and her aim is to bring them up to a good education. She really likes the group outings and dislikes people who backbite.

I made these by myself

100% Heavy Cotton Shoulder Bag

Nepali weaves, woven by the traditional Dhaka hand weaving process are some of the most distinctive in the world. Each of the traditional Nepali designs in the weave is inlaid entirely by hand using mercerized cotton.

Multi-Coloured Nepali Dhaka Square Cushion Cover

A cushion cover that brings life not only to your room but also someone from Nepal.