Dil Kumari Lawati

I come from Pachthar, Nepal.

Dil Kumari Lawati is from Pachthar and has been working for New SADLE for 16 years now. She came to visit her relatives in Kathmandu saw an opportunity to make a living here and worked at Aama Implex in Patan for 3 years. After that, she has been working for New SADLE. She got the necessary training fro New SADLE. She has one aim in life now and that is to educate her children and make them able to sustain themselves.

I made these by myself

100% Cotton Table Runner

Nepali weaves, woven by the traditional Dhaka hand weaving process are some of the most distinctive in the world. Each of the traditional Nepali designs in the weave is inlaid entirely by hand using mercerized cotton.